TB Nursing Manual

TB Nursing Manual

The Nurses’ Manual Committee is pleased to announce the online release of the second edition of Tuberculosis Nursing: A Comprehensive Guide to Patient Care, originally published by NTCA in 1998.

NTCA members can view download a PDF file of the manual directly from this webpage. The PDF file includes a glossary and appendices.

To download the file, click this link: Download the TB Nursing Manual. When prompted, enter user name and password provided to you by NTCA staff. Please note that once you enter them, the user name and password for this page and the manual are saved, so you don’t need to re-enter them unless you delete cookies or work at another browser or computer.

If you’ve questions about ordering the manual or about accessing it online, please contact NTCA staff at ntca@tbcontrollers.org or 678-503-0503.

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