CorrectTB: Resources for TB in Corrections


Resources for TB in correctional facilities are listed below by topic.

NTCA/NTNC Corrections Committee members reviewed and compiled useful resources for TB in correctional settings. When using a resource, please review and edit to comply with state and local regulations or your program needs.

In addition to the resources currently available, the team is looking for new materials to post on the site. If you have a tool or educational materials that you find useful in a correctional setting please send them with the subject heading “CorrectTB Resource” by email to NTCA staff. All submissions will be reviewed by the CorrectTB workgroup prior to posting. If you have questions about submitting resources, please call the NTCA office at 678-503-0503. For additional information about the NTCA/NTNC Corrections Committee please review its web page.

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