Interjurisdictional Transfers

Interjurisdictional Transfers

An interjurisdictional referral system is supported by the NTCA/NTNC in order to promote continuity of care for TB patients who move from one state to another during the course of TB treatment. This system also facilitates the completion of contact tracing for contacts who move prior to completion of TB exposure evaluation.

The NTNC revised the Interjurisdictional TB Notification Forms in 2014-2015:

There are two resources that explain how the revised forms work:

The NTCA/NTNC maintains a current list of interjurisdictional contacts for each state and large city. These are public health professionals who oversee the exchange of pertinent information about TB patients and/or TB contacts.

If you have any questions about the interjurisdictional process in your state, please call your state’s interjurisdictional contact (from the TB Program Contacts list) or TB Controller (from the TB Program Contacts list).

Any corrections to the contact listings should be emailed to NTCA staff at

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