Resources for Epidemiologists

Resources for Epidemiologists

General Epidemiology

Bernier: Epimonitor

Manuscript Preparation
JANE: Selecting a journal
PubMed: Finding articles on PubMed

CSTE: Applied Epidemiology Scientific Writing Trends, Needs, and Recommendations, 2014: To better understand the scientific writing capacity of applied epidemiologists, this report offers insight into scientific writing capacity at both state and local health departments and offers recommendations to promote professional development focused on scientific writing skills.


WHO: Understanding and Using TB Data: Guidebook

Sandgren, Strong, Muthukrishnan, Weiner, Church, Murray: Tuberculosis Drug Resistance Mutation Database

McGill University:

Johns Hopkins University: Graduate Summer Institute of Epidemiology and Biostatistics: Courses on TB control

TB Program websites:
New York City Bureau of Tuberculosis Control: Educational materials, annual reports, annual slides, clinical policies and procedures manual, and more

California Department of Public Health: RVCT death algorithm, TB outbreak reporting form and instructions, contact investigation forms (including case contact roster form and contact information form) and more

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