Bedaquiline Access

Bedaquiline Access

While bedaquiline has been approved for use in the United States since 2014, procuring the drug can depend on several variables, including a patient’s insurance status and state laws.

In collaboration with the Treatment Action Group (TAG), Johns Hopkins University, and public health programs, the NTCA has worked over the past two years to evaluate and understand barriers to bedaquiline use in US TB control programs. The partnership has used surveys, focus groups, and interviews to gather information and engage with Janssen, the makers of bedaquiline, to address barriers identified by TB program staff.

To further facilitate bedaquiline access, the partners are providing two resources for all US TB programs.

Bedaquiline Access Case Studies

The first resource is a set of condensed case studies that highlight steps that program staff have gone through to procure bedaquiline for their patients.

The Johnson and Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation (JJPAF) is a non-profit organization that helps eligible patients residing in the United States or US territories who have no insurance coverage receive certain prescription medications that are donated by Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Companies.

Bedaquiline Access Guide

The second resource is a Bedaquline Access Guide that has been developed to clarify the ‘best practices’ for working with Metro Medical and the Johnson & Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation (JJPAF) to procure bedaquiline for your patient. Please note that the procurement process continues to evolve, and this guide housed on the NTCA website will be updated as new information is obtained. TB Control Program staff can use this guide as a starting point for initiating bedaquiline treatment for patients who have been prescribed the drug by their treating physician.

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