NTNC Bylaws

NTNC Bylaws: Proposed Revisions

DOWNLOAD: NTNC By-laws Draft for Public Comment

The NTNC Executive Board would like to solicit comments to the updated version of the NTNC by-laws. The last revision of the NTNC by-laws was in 2009.

Elizabeth Foy, TB and Hansen’s Disease Nurse Administrator for Texas, is chair of By-laws Committee, which met from February through June 2021. She presented the suggested by-law changes during the NTNC All Member Meeting on June 18, 2021.

The next step is this posting of the by-laws to the NTCA website for comment by NTNC members. Members have 10 business days (until September 26, 2021) to provide comments to dfortune@tbcontrollers.org.

Once comments and input have been received, the By-laws Committee will meet again and review all comments for potential incorporation into the by-laws. An email vote will be utilized for NTNC members to vote on the changes to the by-laws.

Our thanks go out to Elizabeth and the workgroup for a great job on making the by-laws more user friendly and for clarifying and defining the many functions and workgroups of the NTNC.