Society for Epidemiology in Tuberculosis Control

SETC Mission

To protect the public’s health by advancing the elimination of tuberculosis in the U.S. through the development, enhancement, and application of epidemiologic expertise in state, local, and territorial programs.

SETC Guiding Principles

  • Promote excellence in the use of epidemiologic analysis and interpretation of data to inform tuberculosis prevention and control efforts
  • Promote the use of epidemiologic data in program planning and decision-making at the local, state and national level
  • Provide a network for collaboration and communication among epidemiologists engaged in the control and prevention of tuberculosis
  • Build regional and national capacity in epidemiologic expertise through mentoring of epidemiologists
  • Organize and facilitate TB-related educational opportunities for epidemiologists
  • Promote understanding and collaboration between epidemiologists, clinicians and public health programs in the control and prevention of tuberculosis in communities
  • Promote the evaluation and implementation of new epidemiologic tools (e.g., to collect and analyze data or to assess TB transmission), as they become available
  • Promote and participate in a research agenda addressing the needs of tuberculosis controllers
  • Advocate for national data-driven policies and resource allocations which promote and enable achievement of the goal of tuberculosis elimination in the United States
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