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About the National Tuberculosis Coalition of America

The NTCA was created in 1995, as the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association, to bring together the leaders of tuberculosis control programs in all states and territories, as well as many counties and city health departments that organize their own TB control activities. In 2023, the organization changed its name to the National Tuberculosis Coalition of America. Our website is undergoing a slow transformation to this new name and branding. Learn more…

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    May 16, 2024 - TAG released a new version of its popular, "An Activist's Guide to Rifapentine - TB Preventive Treatment:  3HP and 1HP." This new 2024 update lays out what TB community advocates need to know about rifapentine-bsed TNT, including the robust evidence behind these treatments. Access the new publication here.

    May 15, 2024 - CDC launched a new website as part of an agency-wide effort to modernize and transform digital communication at CDC. The new website design streamlined  previous web content, updated navigation, and designed a new look and feel. As part of this initiative, the Division of Tuberculosis Elimination has several new updated websites included in this initial launch of the new CDC.gov: These updated sites include:

    April 18, 2024 - Recently published in Clinical Infectious Diseases (CID), NTCA Guidelines for Respiratory Isolation and Restrictions to Reduce Transmission of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Community Settings, provides a comprehensive approach to isolation decisions, balancing the existing scientific evidence and incorporating an ethical and legal framework.