NTNC Officers and Extended Board

National TB Nurse Coalition (NTNC) 2022-2023


Lana Kay Dov, MSN, RN
NTNC President

Nurse Consultant
TB Program
Office of Communicable Disease Epidemiology
Washington State Department of Health
Transitions to NTNC Immediate Past President in June 2023 

Elizabeth Foy, BSN, RN
NTNC President-elect
Nurse Administrator / Consultant
TB and Hansen’s Disease Unit
Texas Department of State Health Services
Transitions to President in June 2023

Nadya Sabuwala, PHN, RN, MS, MPH
NTNC Immediate Past President
TB Nurse Consultant
TB Prevention and Control Program
Minnesota Department of Health
Term ends in June 2023

Daniela Ingram, MSN, RN
NTNC Secretary

TB Nurse Supervisor
TB Prevention and Control program
North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services
Term ends in June 2024

Extended Board

Amanda Khalil, MPH, BSN, CIC
NTNC High Incidence Representative
Nurse Consultant
Division of Clinical Epidemiology
Virginia Department of Health
Term ends in June 2024

Eric Wicklund, BSN, RN
NTNC Medium Incidence Representative

TB Nurse Consultant
TB Control Program
Acute Disease Service
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Term ends in June 2023

Darlene M. Morse, MSN, RN, M.Ed., CIC
NTNC Low Incidence Representative
New Hampshire TB Program
Independent TB Nurse Consultant
Term ends in June 2023

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