Release Planning

Release Planning

Federal Law Enforcement Agency Points of
Contact for TB Continuity of Care

Authors:Federal Bureau of Prisons (Department of Justice), United States Marshals Service (Department of Justice), Immigration & Customs Enforcement (Department of Homeland Security)
Publication Date: 2017
Format: Brochure Language: English

This four-page-long brochure provides links to resources, a frequently asked questions list, and health department checklist to ensure continuity of care for TB patients in federal custody.

CureTB Referral Program
Author: San Diego County Public Health Services TB Control Branch
Publication Date: 2014 and ongoing
Format: Website Language: English and Spanish

CureTB is a referral and continuity of care program for tuberculosis patients and their contacts who travel between the United States, Mexico, and Central America. The website has enrollment forms for patients with confirmed or presumed active TB.

TBNet: Global Tuberculosis Management
Author: Migrant Clinicians Network
Publication Date: ongoing
Format: Website Language: English

TBNet is a multi-national tracking and referral resource designed to improve continuity of care for people with TB or other medical morbidities who move outside of the United States.

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