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The NTCA was created in 1995 to bring together the leaders of tuberculosis control programs in all states and territories, as well as many counties and city health departments that organize their own TB control activities. Learn more…

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    Nationwide Shortage of TST Antigens

    June 6 — CDC announced that Par Pharmaceuticals estimates a 3-10 month nationwide shortage of APLISOL®, anticipating a supply interruption of 5 mL (50 tests) beginning in June 2019, followed by a supply interruption of 1 mL (10 tests) in November 2019, or earlier, if demand increases before then. Monitor the supply status at the FDA’s CBER-Regulated Products: Current Shortages webpage. To prevent a decrease in TB testing capability due to this shortage, CDC recommends three general approaches.

    Updated Recommendations Released for Health Care Personnel

    May 16 — NTCA, in partnership with the CDC, is pleased to announce the release of updated recommendations for TB screening, testing, and treatment of health care personnel. Central to the new recommendations is stopping routine, annual testing of all health care personnel and the emphasis on LTBI treatment, an essential component of national efforts to eliminate TB. We extend our thanks to Lynn Sosa and Bob Belknap, who led the national workgroup, and to the committed stakeholders from NTCA and our partner organizations who gave their time and effort to this project. For more details, see the NTCA press release and the updated recommendations.