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About the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association

The NTCA was created in 1995 to bring together the leaders of tuberculosis control programs in all states and territories, as well as many counties and city health departments that organize their own TB control activities. Learn more…

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    Launch Event for the Release of the National Action Plan

    January 7 — Randall Reves, John Bernardo and Donna Wegener represented NTCA at this USAID-sponsored event in Washington, DC to formally introduce the National Action Plan on Combatting Multidrug-Resistant TB (NAP).

    Of note, besides hearing from Tom Frieden, Phil LoBue provided commentary on the specifics of the NAP’s Goal 1: Strengthen Domestic Capacity to Combat Multidrug-Resistant TB. NTCA is cited as an organization with which CDC will work to successfully achieve some of the Goal 1 milestones outlined in the Plan. An MDR TB survivor, Tenzin Khenrap, spoke eloquently about his experience as a TB patient. Representing Stop TB USA and NTCA, Randall reminded the audience that it is the state and local TB providers who care for those with MDR and that combatting MDR TB cannot be done without resources and continued investment in those who have the expertise. He challenged those assembled to not let the opportunity provided by the NAP fail—our goal over the next 5 years is not to have to construct another plan in 20 years!

    For more, see Tom Frieden's article on FoxNews and interview in the Huffington Post.