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TB Services: Setbacks and Steps to Rebuild

January 6 — Madhu Pai (McGill University) and Tereza Kasaeva and Soumya Swaminathan (WHO) co-authored an NEJM article, COVID-19’s Devastating Effect on Tuberculosis Care — A Path to Recovery.

New Lab Testing Requirements

January 3 — DTBE sent a Dear Colleague letter outlining changes in the pre-analytic requirements for laboratory testing that apply to all submissions including those for the MDDR testing service for M.tb complex. Forms and an updated Users Guide are available on the Laboratory Information web page.

Rifampin Shortage – Drug Stockpile Direct Assistance

December 22 — With the announcement of a temporary national shortage, DTBE has decided to release rifampin currently in the Emergency Drug Stockpile. For information on what medication is available and how to request it, click here to read the updated Dear Colleague Email. DTBE will prioritize release of rifampin to programs with patients being treated for TB disease who are at risk of treatment interruption because of the shortage. Rifampin will be released in order of expiration date and availability.

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