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August 25 – CDPH releases “Preventing Tuberculosis in Your Clinical Setting: A Practical Guidebook”. The Guidebook describes best practices for establishing and improving TB prevention programs in primary care settings and health systems. It is a product of TB Free California’s collaboration with multiple partners and clinics over the past four years. Available to download here.

August 19 – DTBE has awarded $8 million to TB programs to support the Uniting for Ukraine (U4U) initiative.  For additional information see the DTBE website.

August 1 – CDC DTBE releases new “Dear Colleague Letter” on the Uniting for Ukraine program. This newest letter outlines the recent change for IGRA testing (from 14 to 90 days) and the recommended treatment for LTBI, when identified in this group of newcomers to the United States.

August 1 – Unitaid announces New Rifapentine Formulations at New Prices (Great news for the 138 countries but, sadly, does not include the United States!). See press release from Treatment Action Group (TAG) outlining the formulations and the negotiated pricing.

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