2019 Poster Session 10

2019 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session


TB education, training and outreach

82. Power of Language in Perpetuating Stigma in the Tuberculosis Community
Authors: Genevieve Sanders, Mary Scott, Dana Beckham

83. Assessing patients’ proficiency in using software applications for electronic directly observed therapy (eDOT)
Authors: Yasser Bowers, Kin Chee Lam, Marco Salerno, Michael Reaves, Sarah J. Kiskadden-Bechtel, Michelle Macaraig, Joseph Burzynski, Neela Goswami, Andrew Vernon, Joan Mangan

84. Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Washington State Civil Surgeons Conducting Immigration Medical Exams
Authors: Mackenzie Fuller, Vivian Hawkins, Hanna Oltean, Erica Grant, Lana Tyer, Monica Pecha, Chas DeBolt, Reena Gulati, Jasmine Matheson

85. An online TB control program directory to increase immigrant access to follow-up care in the United States.
Authors: Milan Chuttani, Alina Shaw, Crystal Clements, Heather Joseph, Omar Duran-Pena

86. The Study of Ocular Tuberculosis in Nevada Visualizes Communication Needs
Authors: Susan McElhany

87. Education Materials Needed for Patients with Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis
Authors: Marya Husary, Lisa True, Leslie Henry, Pennan Barry

88. Adapting Training to Changing Needs Over Time: Insight into SNTC’s Region
Authors: Karen Simpson, Donna Setzer, Paula Galindo, Michael Lauzaardo, Jordan Crummett

89. TB and Tobacco Online Course: An Evaluation of Perceived Knowledge Gains and Intended Behavior Changes
Authors: Stefani Nixon, Linda James, Karen Simpson, Donna Setzer, Michael Lauzardo

90. National Picture of the TB Centers of Excellence for Training, Education, and Medical Consultation (COEs): 2018 Needs Assessment
Authors: Sarah Segerlind, Katharine Tatum, Baby Djojonegoro, Kelly Musoke, Kay Wallis, Anita Khilall, Shwata Kumar, Stephanie Ott, Delphina Sanchez, Paula Hamsho-Diaz, Karen Simpson

91. Educating Mexican Immigrants with Tuberculosis Classifications
Authors: Kathleen Moser, Alina Shaw, Omar Duran-Pena, Crystal Clements, Roberto Assael, Joaquin Cervantes, Hanibal Acosta, Isaias Orozco

92. Primary Care Provider Education about Latent TB Infection: Academic Detailing + Traditional CME Programming
Authors: Jennifer Cochran, Pat Iyer, Vandana Madhavan, Patricia Conway, Mary Jean Duffy Alexander

93. Successes in community education: Early observations of a TB infection workshop with English Language Learners
Authors: Jennifer Cochran, Marisa Chiang, Tammy Goodhue, Carolina Velazquez, Denise Sanderson

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