2018 Poster Session 9

2018 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session

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Targeted Testing

60. Successes of TB Epidemiologic and Economic Modeling Through University-Government Collaboration
Authors: Marks SM, Hill AN, Miramontes R, Winston C
Contact: Suzanne M. Marks, smarks@cdc.gov

61. Preparing for Latent TB Infection testing scale-up: Towards Identifying Providers to High-risk Populations among Non-U.S.-born Persons
Authors: Readhead AC, Barry PM
Contact: Adam Readhead, adamreadhead@ucla.edu

62. Screening for Latent Tuberculosis (TB) Infection among Students in a Public University in California
Authors: Ehman E, Jabbari K, Schorzman C, Shah N
Contact: Melissa Ehman, melissa.ehman@cdph.ca.gov

63. Trends in Screening Tests for Tuberculosis, Saint Louis County, 2009 to 2016
Authors: Hurd J, Leighton J, Brzozowski A
Contact: Jennifer Hurd, jhurd@stlouisco.com

64. Estimations of Testing for Latent TB Infection in the United States in 2013
Authors: Marks SM, Hill AN, Woodruff RY, Asay G, Owusu-Edusei K
Contact: Suzanne M. Marks, smarks@cdc.gov

65. Birth Cohort Screening of Latent Tuberculosis Infection in Arkansas; A Proposal
Authors: Gu M, Fischbach L, Bates J, Mukasa, L
Contact: Mofan Gu, Mofan.Gu@arkansas.gov

66. Integration of Tuberculosis (TB) Screening in The Ryan White Program in Arkansas
Authors: Gu M, Patil N, Fischbach L, Vance T, Bedell C, Mukasa L
Contact: Mofan Gu, Mofan.Gu@arkansas.gov

67. TB Elimination in South Texas Using Targeted Testing Strategies and IGRA Technology
Authors: Ringsdorf L, Cantu Y, Morrow G
Contact: Lillian Ringsdorf, Lillian.Ringsdorf@dshs.texas.gov

68. Modeling the Impact of USPSTF LTBI Screening Guideline Implementation in California
Authors: Parriott A, Shete PB, Readhead AC, Barry PM, Flood J, Kahn JG
Contact: Andrea Parriott, andrea.parriott@ucsf.edu

69. Tuberculosis among California Health Care Workers
Authors: Crowder B, Pascopella L, Flood J, Barry PM
Contact: Becky Crowder, becky.crowder@cdph.ca.gov

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