TB Elimination Statement

TB Elimination Statement

NTCA and Stop TB USA issued a joint statement in September 2017, Tuberculosis: An Opportunity to Eliminate a Disease in the United States.

Key Recommendations:

  • Establish a focus on domestic TB elimination within the Executive branch by forming a presidential tuberculosis elimination initiative.
  • Support funding for domestic TB elimination activities of up to $195.7 million, to address funding gaps for US TB control programs due to chronic underfunding, to develop a national prevention initiative, and to support increased research for new diagnostic tools, vaccines, and antibiotics.
  • Increase funding for global TB control and prevention programs through CDC and United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to $450 million.

Specific actions for each recommendation are detailed in this statement along with references. NTCA and Stop TB USA are confident that by working with the current administration and Congress, we can achieve the historic goal of eliminating TB in the US.

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