2019 Poster Session 8

2019 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session


TB case management

69. TB Continued: an exploratory statistical and spatial analysis of reported verified cases of tuberculosis in New Mexico, 2007-2017
Authors: Anna Makaretz, Diana Fortune, Rosemary Bramble, Marcos Burgos, Nicholas Villalobos, Samantha R. Rosenthal, E. Jane Carter, Rajiv Patel

70. Controlling and Eliminating TB through Health Center and Health Department Partnerships
Authors: Michelle Cantu, Lilly Kan

71. Outcomes of Tuberculosis Treatment for Patients Leaving the United States Before Completing Therapy
Authors: Kathleen Moser, Carlos Vera, Sonia Montiel, Omar Duran-Pena, Margarita Brooks, Christine Murto, Susannah Graves

72. The Complexities of Case Managing a Multi-drug Resistant TB case
Authors: Midia Fulano, Sarah Koch, Helen Townsend

73. Acuity Scoring for Tuberculosis Patients Associated with Perceived Workload
Authors: Grace Hatt

74. Managing individuals with tuberculosis in a low-incidence county
Authors: Jennifer Hurd

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