2019 Poster Session 7

2019 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session


Targeted testing and treatment for LTBI

51. Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) Treatment Completion and Predictors of Noncompletion among Visa Holders in Idaho
Authors: Scott Hutton, Christine Hahn, Kathryn Turner, Marcia Witte, Bin Cai, Tolulope Osoba

52. Missed Opportunities and the Road to Tuberculosis Elimination in Arkansas, 2009-2018
Authors: Danielle Boothe, Leonard Mukasa, Naveen Patil

53. A Pilot Project for School-Based Screening and Treatment of Latent TB Infection
Authors: Isis Cunningham, Mary Barger, Susannah Graves, Marti Brentnall, Howard Taras

54. Is language at medical visit or at home a good proxy for country of birth?
Authors: Adam Readhead, Pennan Barry

55. Initiation of Targeted Testing Using VDOT
Authors: Genevieve Sanders, Mary Scott, Kimberly Fields

56. Severe adverse events among patients receiving isoniazid-rifapentine treatment for latent Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection — United States, 2012–2016
Authors: Kristine Schmit, Jonathan Wortham, Christine Ho, Krista Powell

57. A Plan to Screen All Marshallese in Arkansas for Tuberculosis: Progress, Challenges, and Opportunities
Authors: Griffin Sonaty, Leonard Mukasa, Sharada Sarah Adolph, Sandra Hainline Williams, Naveen Patil

58. Programmatic Effectiveness of Latent Tuberculosis Treatment Cascade in a High-risk Community Health Center
Authors: Christopher Prater, Maunank Shah, Christopher Prater, Samuel Holzman

59. Employer-Mandated Tuberculosis Screening Among Refugees and Immigrants, Georgia, 2005-2018
Authors: Jasmine Ko, Ndubuisi Anyalechi, Maureen Wakhisi, Rebecca Ajibola, Joy Wells, Benjamin Yarn, Alawode Oladele

60. MITUS (Modeling Interventions for TB in the United States): a flexible framework for modelling TB epidemiology and policy effects
Authors: Nicole Swartwood, Nicolas A Menzies, Christian Testa, Ted Cohen, Suzanne M. Marks, Andrew N Hill, Jennifer Cochran, Kevin Cranston, Liisa M Randall, Andrew Tibbs, Joshua A Salomon

61. Addressing LTBI Testing and Treatment in Orange County, California: Training Health Care Providers at a Local Health Center
Authors: Fayette Truax, Neha Shah, Tessa Mochizuki, Setie Asfaha, Julie Low, Michael Carson, Duc Nguyen

62. Adherence to TB Evaluation and Treatment among Immigrants and Refugees Arizona, 2015—2017
Authors: Amanda Swanson, Kristen Herrick

63. Breathe Easy South Texas: Evaluation of a comprehensive screening and treatment program for latent tuberculosis infections in high risk communities
Authors: Barbara Taylor, Soraya Naqvi, Yolanda Cantu, Sharon Ong’uti, Diana Cavazos, Adriana Perez, Gale Morrow, Tommy Camden, Norma Santos, Lisa Armitige, Lillian Ringsdorf

64. Tabby2: A User Friendly Web Tool for Exploring Future State-Level TB Outcomes for User-Specified Scenario
Authors: Nicole Swartwood, Nicolas A Menzies, Christian Testa, Suzanne M. Marks, Andrew N Hill, Jennifer Cochran, Kevin Cranston, Liisa M Randall, Andrew Tibbs, Joshua A Salomon

65. Estimated Resources to Prevent Tuberculosis in the United States
Authors: Suzanne Marks, Rachel Yelk Woodruff, Maryam Haddad, Garrett Asay, Andrew Hill

66. Mini-Grants for Targeted Screening and Testing for Tuberculosis in Livestock Workers in Wisconsin
Authors: Julie Tans-Kersten, Kathy Fredrickson, April Loeffler, Kate Louther, Erin Polkinghorn, Lisa Schiller

67. Progression through the cascade of care for latent tuberculosis infection: Perspectives from patients, providers, and staff at a community health center in Massachusetts
Authors: Jennifer Cochran, Ranjani K. Paradise, Carolyn Fisher, Ceylon Auguste-Nelson, Hanna Haptu, Melis Celmen, Denise Sanderson, Martina Todaro, Blessing Dube

68. Scaling up testing and treatment for latent TB infection: Preliminary care cascade data from a CDC-funded demonstration project
Authors: Jennifer Cochran, Andrew Tibbs, Hanna Haptu, Bob Dempkowski, Melis Celmen

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