2019 Poster Session 6

2019 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session



38. Association of Area-Based Socioeconomic Measures With Tuberculosis Incidence Rates — California, 2012–2016
Authors: Yasser Bakhsh, Adam Readhead, Jennifer Flood, Pennan Barry, James Watt

39. G03731 Gentype: Reliable Proxy for Bladder Cancer Immunotherapy
Authors: Evan Timme, Barbara Asare-Afriyie, Chris Newton

40. A Comparative Analysis of Expired and Survived Cases of Tuberculosis – An Effort to Reduce TB-related Mortality in Kentucky
Authors: Charles Rhea, Emily Anderson, Maria Lasley, Ruth Willard

41. Pyrazinamide Mono-Resistant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis in Philadelphia Cases
Authors: Andrew Ancharski, David Schlossberg, Molly Harrar

42. Identifying Contributing Factors Associated with Higher Tuberculosis Notification Across Chennai, India: A Spatial Approach
Authors: Ramalingam Srinivasan, Shivani Mehta, Beena Thomas, Lavanya J., Chinnaiyan Ponnuraja

43. An epidemiological summary of tuberculosis in Clark County, NV, 2016-2018
Authors: Michelle Livings, Haley Blake, Michael Johnson

44. Surveillance of Severe Adverse Events Associated with Treatment of Latent Tuberculosis Infection — United States, 2004–2016
Authors: Amish Talwar, Kristine Schmit, Lori Armstrong

45. Enhanced surveillance among children younger than five years of age with latent tuberculosis infection in New York City, 2018
Authors: Clare O’Brien-Lambert, Carley Perez, April Cobos, Jeanne Sullivan Meissner, Jillian Knorr, Muriel Silin, Shama Ahuja, Teresa Mark

46. HIV-TB Co-infection in Arizona, 1993-2016
Authors: Evan Timme, Mitchell Keener, Gregory Damhorst, Rick DeStephens

47. Initial Assessment of Civil Surgeon Latent TB Infection Reporting in California
Authors: Varsha Hampole, Janice Westenhouse, Pennan Barry

48. Tuberculosis Rates in the United States by Country of Birth, 2012-2016
Authors: Clarisse Tsang, Adam Langer, Steve Kammerer, Thomas Navin

49. Finding Fuzzy TB GIMS Matches Made Easy: Universal SAS code to assess “close” matches in space & time
Authors: Evan Timme

50. Electronic Disease Notification System: Providing Immigrant and Refugee Arrival Notification and Health Information to US Health Partners
Authors: Amanda Dam, Yoni Haber, Deborah Lee

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