2019 Poster Session 5

2019 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session


Special populations

26. Class B Immigrant and Refugee Evaluation in New York State (NYS)
Authors: Alfred Zielinski, Jr, Cheryl Kearns, Stephen Hughes

27. Dilemmas in TB/HIV Coinfection Care in the United States: Medical Consultations to the CDC-Funded Regional Tuberculosis Training and Medical Consultation Centers, 2013-2017
Authors: Robyn Fernando, Neela Goswami, Rajita Bhavaraju, Henry Fraimow, John Wilson, Lisa Armitige, Connie Haley

28. Evaluating the Data Quality and Sensitivity of Migrant Work History in a Tuberculosis Case Management and Surveillance System, New York City, 2011-2016
Authors:Jeanne Sullivan Meissner, Carley Perez, Jillian Knorr, Teresa Mark, Shama Ahuja

29. A Geographical Analysis of Tuberculosis (TB) Class B Arrivers in Los Angeles County (LAC), California, 2013-2017.
Authors: Edward Lan, Ramon Guevara, Jelilat Majekodunmi, Josephine Yumul, Alicia Chang, Julie M Higashi

30. Use of IGRA for LTBI diagnosis in high-risk children in California 2 years and younger
Authors: Kristen Wendorf, Phil Lowenthal, Jenna Feraud, Nuny Cabanting, Marisa Ramos

31. Enhancing Immigrant and Refugee (EDN) Surveillance in Philadelphia
Authors: Shi Ginny Robison, M. Christina Dogbey-Smith, Andrew Ancharski

32. Improving Quality of Life Among Patients Living with Tuberculosis
Authors: Lisa Diandreth, Anthony Palomo

33. An Investigation of Appropriate Tuberculosis Treatment in Correctional Facilities within Pinal County
Authors: Griselda Razo, Evan Timme

34. Symptom-based screening for active tuberculosis among Unaccompanied Children in custody of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, 2017 and 2018
Authors: Kirsten Buckley, Douglas Esposito, Lara Misegades, Michael Bartholomew

35. Estimating and Evaluating Tuberculosis Incidence among Homeless Populations — United States, 2011–2016
Authors: Julie Self, Benjamin J. Silk, Clint McDaniel, Sapna Bamrah Morris

36. Delays in seeking care for undiagnosed tuberculosis among persons born outside the United States
Authors: Matt Whipple

37. Increase Morbidity and Mortality due to Active Tuberculosis in the Elderly in San Francisco
Authors: Janice Louie, Felix Crespin, Rocio Agraz-Lara, Chris Keh

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