2019 Poster Session 2

2019 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session


Contact/Cluster/Outbreak/Source Case Investigations

1. Rigorous use of environmental assessments for extensive contact investigation increased efficiency without compromising effectiveness
Authors: Ann Lund, Nancy Poulin

2. Using Whole-Genome Sequencing and Social Media to Inform a Tuberculosis Outbreak Investigation
Authors: Jullian Knorr, Herns Modestil, Shama Ahuja, Jeanne Sullivan Meissner

3. Ten Year Genotype Cluster Overview using IS6110-Based Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis Techniques
Authors: Erick Cortes, Barry Kreiswirth, Natalia Kurepina, Elena Shashkina

4. Tuberculosis Contact Investigations Conducted in Adult Daycare and Senior Centers in New York City, 2011-2018
Authors: Hannah Jordan, Magali Calderon, Carolina Pichardo, Shama Ahuja

5. Lessons from Implementing an Incident Command System in a Congregate Setting Contact Identification
Authors: Martika Batista-Martin, Casandra Jones, Elvia Ledezma, Terry Simmons

6. Parks and Recreation: How Genotyping and Epidemiologic Links Revealed a Novel Cluster of Tuberculosis Cases Associated with South Philadelphia Neighborhood Park
Authors: M. Christina Dogbey-Smith, Andrew Ancharski, Paul Walker, Molly Harrar

7. A Tuberculosis Contact Investigation in a Homeless Shelter
Authors: Felicia Trembath, Daniel Reimer, Ramu Gudigantala, Angelito Bravo, Renuka Khurana

8. Implementation of Universal Whole-Genome Sequencing for Detection of Drug Resistance and Epidemiologic Investigation in a Local Tuberculosis Program Settings
Authors: Jeanne Sullivan Meissner, Jillian Knorr, Herns Modestil, Diana Nilsen, Felicia Dworkin, Jasbir Osahan, Vincent Escuyer, Tanya Halse, Shea Joseph, Kimberlee Musser, Jennifer Rakeman

9. Use of Whole Genome Sequencing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to Support Findings in a Contact Investigation
Authors: Kiley Ariail, Heidi Behm

10. TB Transmission to Four Patients Across Three States: The Story of a Solid Organ Donor born in the U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands, 2018
Authors: Neela Goswami, Jefferson Jones, Barbara Seaworth, Holenarasipur Vikram, Michael Lauzardo, Amy Hill, Jeffrey Jones, Clinton Haley, Felipe Gutierrez, Felicia Chow, Sridhar Basavaraju

11. A “Chronic Cluster” of Tuberculosis in a Low Incidence State: What Can Be Done?
Authors: Darlene Morse, Elizabeth Talbot, Maureen Macdonald, Andria Scacheri, William Moir

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