2018 Poster Session 8

2018 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session

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50. Making Latent Tuberculosis Infection a Reportable Condition in Maryland
Authors: Pyan A, Cronin W, Blythe F, Baruch N
Contact: Alexandra Pyan, alexandra.pyan@maryland.gov

51. Evaluation of Electronic Reporting of Interferon-gamma Release Assay Results for Public Health Surveillance —California, 2016–2017
Authors: Bakhsh Y, Hampole V, Watt J, Barry PM
Contact: Yasser Bakhsh, yasser.bakhsh@cdph.ca.gov

52. Confirmed and “Suspected” Cases of Tuberculosis in Kentucky: A Four-Year Trend
Authors: Anderson E, Brawley RL, Dalbey M, Willard R, Sands HR, Ballard J
Contact: Emily Anderson, emilya.anderson@ky.gov

53. Keeping an Eye on Ocular TB: A Five Year Review of Cases and Rates in Oregon
Authors: Behm H, Winthrop K, Ariail K
Contact: Heidi Behm, Heidi.BEHM@state.or.us

54. Spatial Distribution of Tuberculosis Incidence, Los Angeles County 2005-2011
Authors: Readhead A, Chang AH, Ghosh J, Sorvillo F, Higashi J, Detels R
Contact: Adam Readhead, adamreadhead@ucla.edu

55. Challenges and Solutions to Estimating Disparities in Tuberculosis Disease by Country of Birth in Los Angeles County
Authors: Readhead A, Chang A, Ghosh J, Sorvillo F, Detels R, Higashi J
Contact: Adam Readhead, adamreadhead@ucla.edu

56. Report of Verified Case of Tuberculosis (RVCT) Reporting Practices Survey in California, 2017
Authors: Mochizuki T, Pak C, Barry PM, Westenhouse J
Contact: Tessa Mochizuki, Tessa.Mochizuki@cdph.ca.gov

57. Completeness and Timeliness of Electronic Laboratory Reporting for Tuberculosis —Santa Clara County, California, June–August, 2017
Authors: Lin W, Mandic R, Ojeda N, Hernandez L, Perti T
Contact: Wen Lin, wen.lin@phd.sccgov.org

58. Hotspots: A Geographical Analysis of Tuberculosis and Diabetes Mellitus in Los Angeles County, California, 2015-2017
Authors: Rosales M, Lan E, Guevara RE, Chang AH, Higashi JM
Contact: Monica Rosales, mrosales@ph.lacounty.gov

59. Use of the California Immunization Registry (CAIR) for LTBI Surveillance
Authors: Westenhouse J, Flood J, Barry
Contact: Janice Westenhouse, janice.westenhouse@cdph.ca.gov

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