2018 Poster Session 7

2018 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session

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Strategies to Improve LTBI Treatment Rates

38. A Stitch in Time—Clinical Cases Illustrating Loopholes that Foil the Goal of Making America Free of Tuberculosis Again
Authors: Breeding SL, McCormick M
Contact: Sandra Breeding, SandraL.Breeding@gmail.com

39. Impact of an Intervention to Improve Latent Tuberculosis Infection Treatment Completion in Muslim Refugees
Authors: Stockbridge EL, Kabani FA, Gallups JS, Miller TL
Contact: Erica L. Stockbridge, Erica.Stockbridge@unthsc.edu

40. Contra Costa Health Services Quality Improvement Project: Leveraging the EHR to Increase LTBI Treatment Rates in a County Health Services Delivery System
Authors: McNitt L, Jenssen E
Contact: Louise McNitt, louise.mcnitt@hsd.cccounty.us

41. Improving Health Outcomes for Homeless Persons by Providing Temporary Housing with Short Course Treatment of LTBI
Authors: Hernandez AD, Azenon C, Soukup J, Chang AH, Higashi J
Contact: Ana Delia Hernandez, anhernand@ph.lacounty.gov

42. International Student TB Screening in a University Setting
Authors: Koski JR, Kaye L
Contact: James R. Koski, James.Koski@oregonstate.edu

43. Large-Scale Targeted Testing Utilizing T-SPOT.TB in a Homeless Population — Challenges, Successes and Lessons Learned
Authors: Camden T, Armitige L, Santos N, Marrufo D, Kurian A, Cantu Y, Morrow G, Ringsdorf L
Contact: Tommy Camden, tommy.camden@sanantonio.gov

44. Efficacy of LTBI Treatment Model Among Newly Arriving Refugees
Authors: Murto C, Albert R, Caperna J, Mohammad-Bakir N
Contact: Christine Murto, christine.murto@sdcounty.ca.gov

45. On the Road to TB Elimination — Progress in Implementing the California TB Elimination Plan
Authors: Flood J, Miller C, Stoller E, Thigpen J, Chavez G, Rutherford G
Contact: Jennifer Flood, Jennifer.Flood@cdph.ca.gov

46. Latent Tuberculosis Infection Treatment Completion with Self-administered, Once Weekly Isoniazid-Rifapentine under Programmatic Conditions
Authors: Haas MK, Aiona K, Brittany L, Newman A, Belknap R
Contact: Bob Belknap, robert.belknap@dhha.org

47. Rifampin as a Practical LTBI Treatment Regimen in Public Health Practice, An Update
Authors: Ancharski A, Harrar M, Paullman C, Schlossberg D
Contact: Andrew Ancharski, andrew.ancharski@phila.gov

48. Factors Affecting Medication Adherence among Vietnamese Immigrants with Latent Tuberculosis Infection: A Mixed Methods Design
Authors: Truax FN, Nyamathi A
Contact: Fayette Nguyen Truax, ftruax@llu.edu

49. An Evaluation of Loss to Follow up among 187 Homeless Adults on Directly Observed Rifampin Therapy for Latent Tuberculosis in Fulton County, Georgia (2016-2017)
Authors: Onwuwbiko U
Contact: Udodirim Onwubiko, udodirim.onwubiko@fultoncountyga.gov

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