2018 Poster Session 3

2018 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session

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Contact/Cluster/Source Investigations

8. Integrating Molecular, Epidemiologic, and Clinical Data to Investigate a Large Tuberculosis Outbreak in California, 2012-2016
Authors: McDaniel C, Winglee K, Cilnis M, Talarico S, Ramos Y, Pehl V, Garza A, Cowan L, Vaishampayan J, Posey J, Shaw T, Silk B
Contact: Clint McDaniel, wvi6@cdc.gov

9. A Contact Investigation Resulting in “Real Time” Epidemiological Link
Authors: Boyce A, Garcia A, Nelson B
Contact: Ashley Boyce, Ashley.Boyce@gnrhealth.com

10. Comparison of Genotyping to Conventional Contact Investigations in Identifying Potential Epidemiologic-Links between TB cases, Georgia, 2015-2016
Authors: Perrymon A, Sales R
Contact: Antoine Perrymon, Antoine.Perrymon@dph.ga.gov

11. Importance of Retrospective Analysis Following Large Contact Investigations
Authors: White K
Contact: Kelly White, KeWhite@isdh.in.gov

12. Emergence of Local Transmission among Young US Born Individuals without Traditional TB Risk Factors in Baltimore
Authors: Shah M, Fogg E, Knowlton-Latkin S, Schauer A, Paulos L
Contact: Anna Schauer, anna.schauer@baltimorecity.gov

13. Applying Genotype Cluster Analysis Techniques When Investigating Specific Genomic Signatures
Authors: Cortes E, Kreiswirth B, Kurepina N, Shashkina E
Contact: Erick Cortes, Erick.Cortes@doh.nj.gov

14. Impact and Utility of Whole Genome Sequencing on a TB Cluster Investigation in Northeast Texas
Authors: Mendoza E, Gray C, Sterken A, Pomeroy MA, Rosenbluth L, Ruiz RM
Contact: Erica Mendoza, erica.mendoza2@dshs.texas.gov

15. Eliminating Tuberculosis by Researching Barriers for Missing Source Cases Among Child Morbidity in Texas
Authors: Rosenbluth L, Pomeroy MA, Mendoza E, Ruiz RM, Irving J
Contact: Lauren Rosenbluth, lauren.rosenbluth@dshs.texas.gov

16. Human Case of Mycobacterium bovis Disease Linked to Infected Free-ranging Deer and Cattle in Michigan
Authors: Sunstrum J, Stobierski MG, Signs K, Davidson P, Robbe-Austerman S, O’Brien D
Contact: James Sunstrum, james.sunstrum@beaumont.org

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