2018 Poster Session 2

2018 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session

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TB Case Management and Case Review

1. Tuberculosis among Migrant Workers in California, 2001-2015
Authors: Mochizuki TK, Barry PM, Pascopella L
Contact: Tessa Mochizuki, Tessa.Mochizuki@cdph.ca.gov

2. Implementing Binational Case Management
Authors: Ott S, Navarro C, Onofre D, Salinas E, Seaworth B
Contact: Stephanie Ott, stephanie.ott@uthct.edu

3. CureTB and Continuity of Care for Globally Mobile TB Patients, 2012-2015
Authors: Figueroa A, Vonnahme L, Burrell K, Vera-GarcI­a C, Murto C, Moser K
Contact: Argelia Figueroa, afigueroa@cdc.gov

4. A Multidiscipline Team Approach to Prospectively Co-Manage ICE Detainees with Tuberculosis: Challenges and Successes
Authors: Lederman E, Boardman N, Castaneda D, Tagliaferri G, McMurray D, Farabaugh P, Elson D
Contact: Edith Lederman, Edith.R.Lederman@ice.dhs.gov

5. TB and the justice system: three legal cases in Riverside County
Authors: Kaiser C, Cole B, Saunders J, Cuaron N, Hastings I
Contact: Cameron Kaiser, ckaiser@rivcocha.org

6. Assessing TB Program Infrastructure and Elimination Activities in California’s High TB Morbidity Jurisdictions
Authors: Joseph M, Cass A, Ehman M, Flood J
Contact: Michael Joseph, michael.joseph@cdph.ca.gov

7. Substance Misuse among Individuals with Tuberculosis in Chicago and Potential Interventions to Avert Overdose Deaths
Authors: Bonau T, Atella S, Ritger KA
Contact: Theodore Bonau, theodore.bonau@cityofchicago.org

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