2018 Poster Session 11

2018 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session

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TB Knowledge, Education and Training

81. Evaluation of a Novel Job Aid For MDR-TB Nursing Care
Authors: Raftery A, Tudor C, True L, Navarro C
Contact: Ann Raftery, ann.raftery@ucsf.edus

82. Creating an Oasis for TB Nurse Case Management in the Desert, Results of Utilizing TB ECHO Model in New Mexico
Authors: Fortune, D, Burgos, M, Armistad, A, Dezan, A, Dowell, V, Cook B, Montoya, B, Struminger, B
Contact: Diana Fortune, diana.fortune@state.nm.us

83. Health Literacy and Knowledge Related to Tuberculosis Among Outpatients at a Referral Hospital in Lima, Peru
Authors: Penaloza R, Navarro J, Jolly P, Junkins A, Seas C, Otero L
Contact: Rosalina Penaloza, rlpenaloza@mednet.ucla.edu

84. Evaluation of a Higher Education Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Outreach Project
Authors: Atella S, Weno E
Contact: Stephanie Atella, Stephanie.Atella@cityofchicago.org

85. Just a Phone Call Away: Consultation Calls to California Department of Public Health Tuberculosis Clinicians, 2016-2017
Authors: Feraud J, Katrak S, Barry PM, Flood J
Contact: Jenna Feraud, Jenna.Feraud@cdph.ca.gov

86. Introduction to and Update on CDC’s Travel Restrictions Procedures
Authors: Tardivel K, Jungerman R, Leidel L
Contact: Kara Tardivel, wjf3@cdc.gov

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