2018 Poster Session 10

2018 National TB Conference Cyber Poster Session

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TB Diagnosis and Treatment

70. Texas Corrections Planning Committee (CPC): A Strategic Partnership for Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention and Care in Correctional and Detention Facilities
Authors: Ruiz RM, Pomeroy M, Mendoza E, Rosenbluth L, Morris SA
Contact: Raiza M. Ruiz, raiza.ruiz@dshs.texas.gov

71. An Active Tuberculosis Surveillance Program for ICE Detainees: Summary of the First Six Months
Authors: Boardman N, Tagliaferri G, Castaneda D, McMurray D, Elson D, Lederman E
Contact: Nicole Boardman, nicole.j.boardman@associates.ice.dhs.gov

72. The Respiratory Microbiota: New Insights into Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Contact: Setegn Eshetie, wolet03.2004@gmail.com

73. Impact of Radiology Reports on Timely Tuberculosis Diagnosis
Authors: Dicks KV, Holland DP, Allen MG, Fortenberry ER, Luffman J, Zeringue E, Wheeler J, Stout JE
Contact: Jason E. Stout, jason.stout@dm.duke.edu

74. Should Sputum Be Obtained in Patients with Extrapulmonary TB and a Normal Chest Radiograph?
Authors: Barry PM, Westenhouse J
Contact: Pennan Barry, pennan.barry@cdph.ca.gov

75. Intestinal Tuberculosis vs. Crohns Disease: A Case Study
Authors: Henderson K, Beeber H, Powell M, Delph S, Maddox M, Brown B, Caloia L, Anderson E, Dalby M, Brawley R
Contact: Kristy Henderson, kristy.henderson@louisvilleky.gov

76. Performance Evaluation and Clinical Application of the GeneXpert MTB/RIF Assay in a Local Public Health Laboratory
Authors: Zhowandai M, Ghajar M, Prabhu S, Low J, Crumpler M
Contact: Mariam Zhowandai, mazhowandai@ochca.com

77. Investigation of Specimens with a Potential False-Positive Mycobacterium tuberculosis Result, New York City, 2011–2016
Authors: Cobos AJ, Modestil HA, Knorr J, Meissner JS, Dworkin F, Nilsen DM
Contact: April Cobos, acobos@health.nyc.gov

78. Role of Steroids as Adjunctive Therapy in Tuberculosis Disease: Guidelines vs. Clinical Decision-Making.
Authors: Breeding SL, McCormick M
Contact: Sandra L. Breeding, SandraL.Breeding@ky.gov

79. A Revised Algorithm for Screening for Ethambutol-Associated Optic Neuropathy
Authors: Louie JK, Agraz-Lara R, Padmanabhan S, Huang M, Min-Maing K, Cheng E, Lee G, Miller T, Keh C
Contact: Janice Louie, janice.louie@sfdph.org

80. Challenges in Isoniazid Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
Authors: Louie JK, Agraz-Lara R, Negri D, Yoo J, Huang M, Min-Naing K, Cheng E, Lee G, Miller T, Keh C
Contact: Janice Louie, janice.louie@sfdph.org

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