SETC is moving forward with implementation of a communications tool used by some of our fellow sections within NTCA. The tool is called SimpleLists, and that’s exactly what it is, a simple mailing list.

Our hope is that by encouraging SETC members (and friends) to join the mailing list we will be able to bolster our community and facilitate communication between members relating to surveillance and epi topics.

New to TB surveillance and have a question? Curious about how another jurisdiction like yours handles a topic? Find a bug in your surveillance system and want to check it out? Notice a trend in your data and want to see if it’s happening elsewhere also? Need to know how to make a table or graphic look awesome? Ask the list for help and advice.

List options include message delivery in real-time, or daily digests.

SETC members will emailed an invitation to join.

Code of Conduct

The list will be lightly moderated, and we ask all members who elect to join to follow this simple code of conduct.

  1. Keep all confidential information confidential. The list is NOT private or protected or secured in any way. Once information is sent to the list, it cannot be retrieved.
  2. Be nice. Be professional.
  3. Be considerate. Try and keep list use relevant to multiple users. If you’ve got a specific question and don’t know who to ask, feel free to use the list! We all want to learn, but subsequent detailed communication might be best as one-on-one email or phone. Just use your discretion.
  4. Use your best judgment.