SETC Secretary

SETC Secretary:
Jeanne Sullivan Meissner, MPH

Jeanne is an epidemiologist and the Team Lead for TB Outbreak Detection and Response at the New York City Department of Health, where she has worked for the past 10 years. She oversees all aspects of TB genotyping and cluster investigation, coordinates TB contact investigations in congregate settings, designs communications and outreach materials, conducts research, and works closely with internal and external partners to develop and implement community-based strategies to identify and interrupt TB transmission, identify and eliminate barriers to care, and increase TB awareness and healthcare access in New York City. Jeanne participates in an advisory role on several national workgroups, including the CDC’s Tuberculosis Outbreak Detection Workgroup, and co-chairs the TB Genotyping and Outbreak Detection workgroup of the National TB Controller’s Association Society for Epidemiology in TB Control.

Jeanne received her BA in psychology from New York University and an MPH from City University of New York, Hunter College. Her research interests include TB transmission; TB genotyping methods and molecular epidemiology; TB outbreak detection, investigation and response; social determinants of health; health disparities; and whole genome sequencing. Prior to joining the NYC Health Department, Jeanne worked as a community health educator, as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), as a graphic designer/illustrator, and as a teacher, tutor and advocate in New York City homeless shelters.