SETC Immediate Past President

SETC President:
Andy Tibbs, MPH

Andy is the lead surveillance epidemiologist for the Massachusetts TB and refugee health programs, where he has worked on TB and related causes for 8 years. With a Master’s degree in public health from Boston University concentrating in infectious disease epi and international health issues, Andy’s interest in Tuberculosis stems from his time working on aid projects across the African continent starting with his Peace Corps experience in Morocco. Currently, Andy is leading the team doing data collection and analysis for the Lynn community health center demonstration project in Massachusetts, and working to develop novel strategies to extract surveillance data from electronic medical records. In addition to his duties at the state health department, Andy currently serves as the chairman of the NTCA workgroup. When not doing epi things, he’s a father of two little boys and does watercolor, photography and plays music to keep himself (somewhat) sane.

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