SETC Annual Meeting

SETC Annual Meeting

The SETC conducts a yearly meeting at the National TB Conference. This meeting allows TB epidemiologists the opportunity to share their insights, expertise, and experience at this conference.

2020 SETC Annual Meeting

The 2020 National TB Conference is scheduled for May 28-29 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and the 2020 SETC Annual Meeting is planned to take place on Wednesday, May 27, prior to the conference.

With the 2020 National TB Conference is quickly approaching, we need help planning our SETC business meeting. Our goal is to have a representation from all burden levels and various epi focuses to meet the needs and interests of our broad attendee base. Participation in the planning committee is a minor time commitment that will yield a major impact. If you’re interested in lending your brain power, please reach out to Shona Smith for more information.

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