EDN Workgroup

Electronic Disease Notification Workgroup

Purpose and Objectives

The Association of Refugee Health Coordinators (ARHC), the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association (NTCA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created a forum to share mutual concerns and constructive ideas related to the Electronic Disease Notification (EDN) system at CDC. Both ARHC and NTCA provide regional representatives to the Working Group. Each representative will ensure active communication with their Regional Refugee Health Coordinators (RHC’s) and TB controllers and provide a venue for communication between CDC and all EDN users.

The key objectives of the ARHC/NTCA EDN Workgroup include:

  1. To assure timely and effective bi-directional communication between CDC and EDN users
  2. To enhance the timely and accurate notification of refugee and immigrant arrivals to states
  3. To enhance the flow of TB notifications to users and the return of follow up reports to CDC


The Workgroup hopes to accomplish these objectives by providing:

  1. A forum for CDC to update workgroup members on EDN changes
  2. An opportunity for both TB and Refugee programs to voice ideas and concerns as well as share in problem solving sessions
  3. All EDN end-users representation through workgroup members. By sharing ideas and concerns with working group members, end-users can have a voice and also be involved in the problem solving process and participate in the future development of EDN.
  4. A link between the development team and end-users.
  5. A venue to evaluate existing EDN functionalities based upon user feedback.

Work Plan and Process

  1. Continue bi-monthly (every other month) conference calls with EDN staff at CDC
  2. Discuss improvements and/or new features and reports that need to be added to EDN
  3. Ensure that the workgroup regional representatives are seeking input from all constituents and also communicating the workgroup decisions back to the constituents.
  4. Ensure that input on the calls consists of both concerns and constructive comments about EDN
  5. Make certain that issues presented on the calls have national significance and individual concerns are directed to the EDN Helpdesk.
  6. Form sub-committees to address new projects when needed

Committee Leadership and Membership

Co-Chair: Kyi Sin-Than, ARHC
Co-Chair: Phil Lowenthal, TB
NTCA Liaison: Maureen Murphy-Weiss


  • Can be a Volunteer/Self-nominated or nominated by the ARHC executive board or NTCA
  • Term: 1 year
    Roles and Responsibilities (in partnership with ARHC ExecutiveSecretary who will serve as a resource and staff to the committee)

  • Co-facilitate structured conference calls with ARHC/NTCA co-chair
  • Provide an agenda of topics in partnership with ARHC, NTCA, and CDC
  • Document and distribute conference call minutes to Workgroup members and ARHC/NTCA
  • Guide committee members with identifying activities and developing work plans
  • Ensure that committee is adhering to designed work plan and timeline
  • Report findings and updates to the ARHC executive board and general membership and to NTCA
  • Post minutes on ARHC/NTCA website and present updates on ARHC monthly calls and to NTCA

Regional Lead

  • Can be a volunteer/self-nominated or nominated by the ARHC executive board or NTCA
  • Term: 1 year minimum
  • Can be an ARHC member/associate member or NTCA member
    Roles and Responsibilities

  • Attend conference calls held every two months; if the member cannot attend s/he should arrange for an alternate member to sit in on the call
  • Identify concerns or improvements in EDN and related information sharing systems and work to implement constructive change
  • Every two months, contact EDN users and ask them for agenda items for the next call; agenda items can include concerns but should also include constructive suggestions for improvement