NTCA Bylaws

The newly approved NTCA bylaws are available for review and downloading/printing. Click here for a PDF document of the NTCA bylaws approved by the Board and membership in 2014.

In addition to the bylaws, members may want to review the following documents for a more comprehensive understanding of what was changed in the new bylaws. These documents were prepared for use by the current NTCA Board as they discussed and voted on the bylaws and were made available to the voting membership as the bylaws went to a vote to approve/disapprove the document.

With these new bylaws, the NTCA is positioned as an organization to continue evolving into a vibrant member organization representing the needs of TB public health program staff, the programs themselves and the individuals served by their actions. Although several substantial changes were made to (1) reflect the diversity of membership and contributions made by professionals engaged in TB control and elimination activities; (2) allow for institutional membership in recognition that the organization serves TB programs, not the individual professionals who work within and for the programs, and (3) expand the governance of the organization to include clinicians, nurses and epidemiologists, these bylaws also reflect changes made to allow for continuous growth and flexibility, with Board decisions on specific issues and not reliance on frequent amendments to the bylaws to reflect the growth and evolution of the organization.

However, proposed amendments to these bylaws still may be made by contacting the NTCA at