Survey Committee

Survey Committee

The Survey Committee (SC) is a committee established by the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association (NTCA) to organize and facilitate requests to survey tuberculosis (TB) control programs. The members of the committee consist of volunteers from TB control programs across the country with programmatic, clinical and research experience.
The role of the SC is to ensure the requests are consistent with the mission of NTCA and benefit the TB control programs. The SC, in conjunction with the entity who requested the survey, will develop the survey and administer it electronically. Collection, analysis, and ownership of the data are determined prior to the survey.

Who can make a request?
Anyone can submit a request. Historically requests have come from NTCA, TB control programs and staff from TB control programs, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies.
Requests are reviewed by the SC and assigned to one of its members to coordinate.

What types of information can be requested?
Requests for information should be for the purposes of improving TB programmatic practices and outcomes. Survey topics can range from, but not limited to, current TB control practices, interest in participating in new initiatives, or obtaining information about emerging challenges, issues, and conditions related to the TB control.

How can I make a request?
Complete the Survey Request Form and send to or contact Dr. Michelle Macaraig, Chair, at

Survey Committee members:
Michelle Macaraig, Chair, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Sheanne Allen, Washington Department of Health
John Bernardo, Massachusetts Department of Public Health/Boston University
Laurel Bristow, San Francisco Department of Public Health
Marcos Burgos, New Mexico Department of Health/University of New Mexico
Jason Cummins, Tennessee Department of Health
Lauren DiMiceli, Georgia Department of Public Health
Karen Farrell, Florida Department of Health
Jennifer Flood, California Department of Public Health
Stephen Hughes, New York State Department of Health
Amanda Kita-Yarbro, Public Health Madison & Dane County Wisconsin
Mark Lobato, Centers for Disease Control
Diana Nilsen, New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Andrew Tibbs, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Shu-Hua Wang, Ohio Department of Health/The Ohio State University
Jon Warkentin, Tennessee Department of Health
Donna Wegener, NTCA
Lorna Will, NTCA

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