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The NTCA Advocacy Committee works with partner organizations to educate our elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels about the significant public health risks created by TB, an airborne communicable disease. The purpose of these educational efforts is to raise awareness of the need for continued vigilance and renewed commitment to eliminating this preventable disease. Strong and expert TB public health infrastructures are imperative if we are to truly protect the public’s health. Increased funding for TB programs – at all levels – is essential if we are to be successful in our elimination efforts.

Committee Chairperson: Charles Wallace

Current Issue: House Domestic TB Appropriations Letter

Friday, March 11, 2016

NTCA Community,

During the 2016 TB Conference, Nuala Moore (ATS) presented an update on TB Funding and Advocacy Activities during the Stop TB USA luncheon. Many of you have asked for NTCA to obtain a copy of that presentation as it contained such useful and powerful information. Nuala has graciously given the PowerPoint to us, and I have attached it here as a PDF for your use. Please reference it and share it with your staff, family and friends!

One of the current activities needing our IMMEDIATE attention is the looming deadline for obtaining signatures on the Domestic TB appropriations letter, co-signed by the co-chairs of the TB Caucus, Engel, Green and Young. This letter outlines the need to fully support the DTBE at the $243 million outlined in the Comprehensive TB Elimination Act (CTEA) and the implementation of the domestic goal contained in the National Action Plan to Combat MDR-TB. Although the deadline for signatures is March 18, we really need to have placed calls, written emails, etc., by next Tuesday, 3/15 or Wednesday, 3/16, at the latest to ensure that your Representative’s signature is included on the letter. In Nuala’s handout, she outlines how to communicate with the staff of your House member and request that s/he sign-on to the Green domestic TB funding letter (see slide 7).

I recognize that many of you are restricted from this type of activity in your role within the TB program but you can certainly encourage family members and friends to reach out to your Representative AND you can make this request after hours, from your home phone or email as a constituent, independent of your professional role. Please consider this request for action. Nuala, our other colleagues in DC, and our own Charles Wallace (who, along with others, met with Gene Green in Houston to request his continued support of TB funding/activities) are doing their best on our behalf and that of our programs BUT they cannot do it alone. Our Congressional Representatives need to, and want to, hear from voters in the jurisdiction on the issues that matter most to us, the people they serve. I hope this will be one of those issues where you translate your care and expertise into action. We need you and we don’t have a lot of time.

In partnership,

Donna Hope Wegener, Executive Director, National TB Controllers Association

Contact for More Information: Donna Wegener at

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