TB Program Website:

Wisconsin TB Program
Community and Healthcare Infection Prevention (CHIP) Unit
Division of Public Health
Bureau of Communicable Diseases
State of Wisconsin
1 West Wilson Street, Room 255
Madison, WI 537031-2659
Secure Fax: 608-266-0049
TB Main Line 608-261-6319
General email: DHSWITBProgram@wi.gov

Supervisor, Community and Healthcare Infection Prevention (CHIP) Unit and Director, Wisconsin Tuberculosis Program
Julie Tans-Kersten, MS, BS-MT (ASCP)
Tel: 608-261-6387
Email: Julie.tanskersten@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Office Operations
Tel: 608-266-9692

TB Nurse Consultants/Interjurisdictional Referral
Lorna Will, RN, MA
Tel: 608-266-3729; cell 608-669-2001
Email: lorna.will@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Marjorie Wall, RN
Tel: 608-266-9452
Email: Marjorie.wall@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Judy Rabinowitz, RN
Tel: 608-266-7338
Email: Judith.rabinowitz@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Refugee Health Coordinator
Savitri Tsering
Tel: 608-267-3733
Email: Savitri.Tsering@dhs.wisconsin.gov

B1/B2 Coordinator
Margarita Northrop
Tel: 608-266-7473
Email: Margarita.Northrop@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Program Assistants
Brandon Rufer
Tel: 608-267-6730
Email: Brandon.rufer@dhs.wisconsin.gov

Joey Janz
Tel: 608-266-1808
Email: Joseph.janz@dhs.wisconsin.gov

On Leave:
Philip Wegner RN, MPH

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